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Footrest for IKEA Antilop or Continente Happy Bear baby chair

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  • Footrest on natural wood, a justável ao crescimento bebé de forma a promover uma postura correta do bebé na hora das refeições ou atividades.
  • Accessories for greater security included.
  • Compatible with chairs Antilop meal from IKEA or Continente Happy Bear.

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Footrest on natural wood, adjustable to growth in order to promote the correct baby posture at meal time.

An exclusive mad’s product, 100% made in Portugal.


  • 1 x footrest
  • 2 x steel clamps
  • 2 x screws
  • 2 x hex nuts
  • 2 x o’rings

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Chair not included, we only sell the footrest.





Chair placement height:

Minimum: 11 cm

Maximum: 22 cm.

A mad’s product, 100% made in Portugal.


  • Adjustable model that promotes better posture for the child when feeding;
  • Handmade by experienced artisans;
  • In pine (light wood), a 100% natural and hard material, which offers comfort to the child;
  • Environmentally friendly finish: water-based varnish with low amounts of solvents, which makes cleaning easier and increases durability;
  • Easy-to-clean vinyl film;
  • Adjustable height as the baby grows;
  • Easy placement and transport;
  • Footrest compatible with IKEA Antilop and Continente Happy Bear chairs.



100% natural pine wood with a water-based varnish finish with a low amount of solvents, which makes cleaning easier and increases its duration.


Compatible with dining chairs:

  • IKEA Antilop
  • Happy Bear Continente


Security Notice:

  • Make sure your child has their seat belt fastened, properly fastened and always supervised by an adult.
  • Keep all accessories included in the packaging out of the reach of children, as they may cause a risk of suffocation.


Frequently Asked Questions:

“How do I put the footrest on the high chair?”

1. Clean the chair legs thoroughly with alcohol.

2. Once both legs are completely dry, insert an o ‘ring into each leg from the top and slide them along the leg.

3. Place the clamp with the respective adjustment and adjust the hexagonal nut on each leg. First you will have to define the ideal height of the footrests.

4. Attach one of the legs to the chair.

5. Place the footrest at the desired level (the baby must be sitting with their legs at a 90º angle) while engaging the other leg.

Watch our instruction video here.

“Should babies have their feet supported when they are eating or doing activities?”

One dining chair with a footrest that follows the baby's growth allows him to have good trunk stability, balance, safety and comfort. It also helps the baby to maintain a correct posture, keeping him sitting with his legs at a 90º angle, thus contributing to the good development of motor skills and concentration at meal time. A stable baby at mealtime reduces the risk of choking, which is essential for normal skull growth.

“What is the maximum weight the footrest can hold?”

Our footrest It was developed to support the weight of a child, normally up to 3 years of age (+- 15 kg). As our biggest concern is the baby's safety, the baby can try to support their entire body on our footrest, which, thanks to our metal clamps that go with it, prevents the footrest from sliding around..

“Does the footrest slide? Is it adjustable?”

The original legs of the chairs are metal, which may contribute to the footrests slide easily. We recommend that you frequently clean both chair legs with alcohol. All of our footstools include 2 metal clamps, 2 nuts and 2 screws that provide total stability and prevent it from sliding. Our footrests It is fully adjustable, just loosen the screws, adjust it to the baby's height and fasten it again.

“Which chairs is our footrest compatible with?”

Our footrest was designed to be used on IKEA Antilop dining chairs and Continente's Happy Bear chair.

“Are IKEA baby chairs and Continente’s Happy Bear safe?”

Yes, both chairs offer excellent durability, functionality and safety.”

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 53 × 6.5 × 3 cm

4 reviews for Apoio de pés para a cadeira de bebé IKEA Antilop ou Continente Happy Bear

  1. Bernardete Conceição

    Great idea and super useful!!!

  2. Andreia Fitas

    The missing piece in the most practical chair on the market!!
    With this support the chair is perfect!
    I adore

  3. Joana Batista

    Excelent idea!!!
    Much success

  4. Zulmira Ferreira

    5 stars!!

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